Wine Management Systems

Our team is pleased to announce the acquisition of Wine Management Systems by Process2Wine. When we heard that Process2Wine was coming into the US Market we did a lot of research into their product. They have over 200 customers in France and Europe and are in most of the prestigious wineries in Bordeaux and Champagne. They now have an office in British Columbia and we will be working with them in the US.

Their system is the best we have ever seen as far as all-encompassing yet easy to use with a dedicated mobile version that enables you record 80% of your data on a smartphone. The value is amazing and it is more affordable than any of the other options available in the US market. 

Process2Wine is composed of 2 modules: the vineyard management module is integrated and bolts right into the Wine Production module. You can literally follow every step of production from vine to bottle. As a WMS customer, you could either add their vineyard module to your WMS subscription, or if you also would like to make the most of the outstanding functionalities they offer in the winery, you could also switch from WMS to Process2Wine for the wine production side.

We will continue supporting both systems. We are offering an attractive incentive to our WMS customers and we are confident you will be impressed by both the added functionality and the very reasonable cost to transfer to this innovative system. Please let us know if you have any questions and if you would like to see a demo of Process2Wine please click on the link below.

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