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What are White Papers? Basically, a white paper is an authoritative document that helps readers understand an issue or product, solve a problem, or make a decision on whether or not the concept they are trying to understand can benefit them in some way. Sometime white papers can provide insight into a concepts that may seem foreign or difficult to grasp, this is one of their basic purposes.

We will continue to publish white papers that affect small and medium sized wineries that we feel will benefit our readers and clients.

Please check back often for the latest publication.

The Spreadsheet Trap!
Thomas M. Stockwell
What’s Wrong with My Spreadsheet (and why are you on my case?!?)

I’ve got a record-keeping system – and it’s a good record-keeping system! I’ve
been using it for years, and – except now and then when it goes bump in the night
– it’s perfect! So what if it’s on Excel? – Anonymous Winemaker

Spreadsheets! As winemakers, we may love them for their ease of construction, fast response, and ad hoc, what-if, versatility. But if you’re using them for long-term, comprehensive record-keeping functions, you’ve got a problem. And sooner or later that problem is going to bite you, causing you to spend hours identifying the cause, debugging the formulas, and/or recovering from back-up.

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